The Two Crests

“Now the whole group of those who believed were of one heart and soul”
(Acts 4:32)

The two Crests of Mary Aikenhead Ministries and St Columba’s College are located on the Bruton Building entrance.

The Mary Aikenhead Ministries Crest has many parts that make up the whole – Mary Aikenhead’s initials, drawn from her signature, the colours blue and purple – blue representing the Sisters of Charity and purple the symbolic colour of spirituality, divinity and knowledge, the values of love, hope, compassion and justice, drawn from the Gospels and represented in the cross, the heart and the tongues of fire. And finally the flame itself – do you notice that it is not contained – it reaches out, embracing, guiding and directing all who are touched by the ministry of our work. The flame gives light and direction, warmth and comfort. It overcomes the darkness. The flame is the burning commitment to the service of the poor.

The College Crest contains the motto “Fidelis et Fortis” which means faithful and strong. The crest also contains several important symbols of St Columba’s College. The cross symbolises faith and the crown symbolises authority. The dove represents peace while the lily represents light or making a difference and finally the palm symbolises victory or justice.

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