Supported by dedicated, passionate teachers, your daughter will flourish at St Columba’s College through her experience of an innovative, contemporary curriculum that allows her to explore her individual passions while embracing rich learning opportunities that help build the ‘whole’ student.

In the early secondary school years, your daughter will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of core subjects, covering all major educational domains. From Year 9, she may choose from a range of elective subjects, assisting her to forge a personalised study pathway that will continue into further education or employment.

YEAR 7-9

The learning programs at Years 7 to 9 build on essential skills and dispositions across all domains and introduce some opportunities to explore individual talents, abilities and areas of interest. As well as core subjects in the Mathematics, Science, Humanities, English, Religious Education, Physical Education, Language and the Arts (access the full subject list here), your daughter will also be a part of:

Design, Code and Create

In Design, Code and Create, your daughter will engage in a variety of activities that enable her to develop her digital literacy skills. She will come to understand what it means to be an ethical user of digital technology.

She’ll also learn about Internet safety and create a presentation that serves as a public service announcement about the importance of Internet safety and computer security. Your daughter will begin to develop an awareness of coding and computer networks.

In the second part of the course, she will develop storyboards and scripts, and create short movies relating to a designated concept.


Fiontar is a Year 8 interdisciplinary program that aims to create learning opportunities for your daughter to develop future-focused skills (learning, communicating and thinking) and general capabilities through exposure to global contexts and problems. Your daughter will be challenged to become a resilient learner, as well as, demonstrate a love of learning, educational endeavour, a deepening of her personal faith, and a commitment to justice.

To achieve these aims, Fiontar utilises and embeds into its programs:

  • student choice
  • student responsibility
  • group work
  • the design thinking process
  • visible thinking strategies
  • teacher facilitation and guidance (rather than teacher centred learning)
  • use of student feedback
  • a focus on contemporary issues.

Future Directions

The Year 9 Future Directions Program is a career-based program, which aims to provide your daughter with the ability to understand and manage influences relating to career planning and lifelong learning.

She will develop skills, knowledge and capabilities to make effective career decisions and apply her learning to achieve educational and career aspirations.

A key component of the Future Directions program is the Mock Interview Program. Your daughter will participate in a number of activities to develop employability skills in preparation for the program. The Mock Interview Program is held over three nights with a panel of external interviewers from the College community.


Year 9 will give your daughter the chance to tailor some of her subject choices. As well as compulsory subjects across the various domains, your daughter can choose electives in English, Arts, Mathematics or Technologies. Access the list of subjects here.

YEAR 10-12

At these year levels, St Columba’s is committed to providing your daughter with flexible and tailored pathways as is evident in the variety of courses offered. For a list of subjects offered in Years 10 to 12, click here.

Pathways Program

The course in Year 10 is structured in such a way that it provides choices within each of the core domains as well as an opportunity to begin exploring specialised areas. For example, your daughter will be offered a variety of options as part of her English program. She can study maths appropriate to her skill level and interests. As part of the transition to the senior level, she will complete a VCE unit in Religious Education. In some circumstances, some Year 10 students will be invited to undertake a Unit 3/4 subject in Year 11. This is decided based on prior academic performance. Learn more about our Pathways Program here.


The College offers a broad range of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) subjects for your daughter to undertake, which are made up of semester-length units. Your daughter can include a VET (Vocational Education and Training) Course as part of her VCE program. The College also offers the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) as an alternative pathway that is individually tailored to meet specific learning styles and vocational interests. Click here to access a list of subjects offered in VCE, VET and VCAL.

Art Acquisition Program

Each year the St Columba’s College’s Art Acquisition program recognises the outstanding talent of visual artists at the College from Years 7 to 12.

Six works of art are purchased, three from the junior years and three from the senior years. All works acquired are bought by the College directly from the student and the works become part of the St Columba’s College art collection.

View the St Columba’s Artwork collection at our online gallery here.