Principal’s Message

Welcome to St Columba’s College.

We are a faithful, contemporary and innovative College, following in the footsteps of Mary Aikenhead and the Sisters of Charity, and we continue their legacy to live the Gospel and serve the poor.

Our Catholic identity serves as the wellspring for our community, informing and underpinning who we are and everything we do. We understand our imperative is to enrich and transform the world through the Gospel values.

Our contemporary programs ensure that students are connected to the real world – classroom experiences and life coming together so that our girls understand the relevance and applicability of what they are learning. Our staff members understand that positive, life-giving relationships are fundamental to our work. Within an environment that fosters the wellbeing of each individual, students are challenged in their learning to excel, encouraging academic achievement and personal growth. This takes place within an extensive curriculum program and rich co-curricular offerings which allow each girl to pursue her interests, abilities and talents, all within our modern and up-to-date facilities. At St Columba’s College, we engender a belief within every single girl that she is a human being of boundless worth and immense potential.

We are also a forward-facing community – we understand that we educate for futures that are unknown and this is reflected in the development of innovative programs that allow girls to connect with the world that will be on offer to them once they complete their secondary education. Our College motto ‘fidelis et fortis’, faith & strength, reminds us of our ongoing commitment to develop young women who are confident, just, resilient and compassionate, ready to take their place in the world.

In 2022, we celebrated 125 years of educating young women in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. We use this 125 year legacy to inspire and challenge young women to be designers and creators, innovators and makers, architects and builders, advocates and campaigners for justice. Through our imperative to live the Gospel and serve the poor, we have a legacy of women who graduate into their communities ready to challenge established structures that contribute to injustice in order to create a more hopeful, peaceful and just world.

I invite you to book a tour and visit our College to learn more about the St Columba’s community.

Best wishes,

Rita Grima