Why a Girls’ School

St Columba’s College has been offering young women the opportunity to achieve educational excellence since 1897 when Mother Ursula Bruton established the College in order to provide further education for the local girls.

At St Columba’s, we are passionate about the education of young women, committed to stimulating the love of learning in the young women who pass through our doors. As a learning community, we embrace the ideals of a worldly education and offer a contemporary and innovative learning culture, fostering these ideas through an all-girls’ environment.

As fervent supporters of all-girls’ education, we recognise the importance of tailoring education to ensure our students are challenged, empowered and seize every opportunity that comes their way. As research* has shown, girls who are educated at single-sex schools achieve significantly stronger academic results than their counterparts in co-educational settings, and our extensive and innovative curriculum reflects our desire to continue this.

As an all-girls’ school, female empowerment has a strong focus, exemplified by our student leaders, all exceptional young women who have followed in the traditions of St Columba’s College and Mary Aikenhead, determined to make a difference to and influence the world around them. As a girls’ school, all activities and subjects are open to girls, allowing them to pursue their areas of interest and ability. We encourage our students to go beyond the expectations of their gender, enabling them to explore opportunities traditionally unavailable to girls.

The College’s learning environment further underpins the strengths of an all-girls’ school, with open and modern spaces encouraging collaboration and supporting the ideas of our students with the tools that allow our young women to gain confidence in sharing their ideas and thoughts.

By choosing an all-girls’ school to educate your child, you are giving her the best chance at challenging stereotypes, developing confidence as a young woman, and forging her own path in the modern world.

If you would like to see the benefits of educating your child at an all-girls’ school, please book a tour or contact our College Registrar on 9331 9128.

* Sourced from the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia