St Columba’s College Fee Policy & Statement

The St Columba’s College Fee Policy reflects the College’s commitment to providing six years of education for each student. The College Board is committed to keeping increases in fees at a level that allows access for all potential St Columba’s families.

St Columba’s College offers supported entry to Catholic/Christian/Eastern Orthodox families from the local area who may not consider a Catholic education due to the costs associated with secondary education. The College accepts recommendations from the Parish Priests and Principals of our Priority Parish Primary schools, as well as from the Edmund Rice Community, Refugee Services and MacKillop Family Services.

Academic Excellence Scholarships are offered to students in Years 7, 9 and 11. Please visit our Scholarships page for further information.

Please click the links below to read the 2024 Fee policy and statement:

St Columba’s College Fee Statement 2024
Fee Policy and Implementation Guidelines

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