At St Columba’s College, we seek to guide faith-filled discernment, and empower learners who are compelled to action, in our hope for a just world.

We are an inclusive Catholic school for young women, guided by the educational mission of Mary Aikenhead Ministries. Our evolving story is bound by the ties of the enduring tradition of the past, the rich work of the present and our hope for the future.

With God at the centre in our call to love one another, we are committed to developing:

Faith, Justice and Compassion;

Curiosity and educational endeavour;

The dignity of the human person;

Stewardship of creation.

As a learning community, we see learning as the central activity of both individuals and the school as a whole. We are committed to lifelong learning, to excellence and innovation, and so, we seek continuous improvement in all aspects of our work.

In our work with students, we challenge them to achieve personal excellence using strategies that reflect contemporary good practice for the 21st Century.

We recruit staff of a high calibre who are passionate about the education of young women, who share a commitment to the College mission, who are enthusiastic learners and risk-takers, and are able to contribute positively and generously to the life and ethos of the College.

St Columba’s College is committed to providing a child safe and child friendly environment, where children and young people are safe and feel safe, and are able to actively participate in decisions that affect their lives.

Every staff member appointed to a position at St Columba’s college will be a suitable person to engage in child-related work and will have:

  • Experience working with children
  • A demonstrated understanding of child safety
  • A demonstrated understanding of appropriate behaviours when working with children
  • Familiarity with legal obligations relating to child safety (eg, mandatory reporting)
  • A working knowledge of the College’s Child Safety Policy, Child Safe Code of Conduct and Professional Boundaries Policy.

Please visit our current opportunities below to see employment openings at the College. For all expressions of interest, please email employment@columba.vic.edu.au


  1. Do I need to be accredited to teach in a Catholic school before commencing employment at St Columba’s College?
    Teachers do not need to be accredited to teach in a Catholic school to gain employment at St Columba’s College. It is expected that a teacher who is not accredited will participate in professional development activities that are approved by Catholic Education Melbourne in order to attain accreditation.
  1. Do I have to be Catholic to work at St Columba’s College?
    St Columba’s College is an equal opportunity employer. Staff are expected to be supportive of the philosophy of Catholic education and promote the educational mission of Mary Aikenhead Ministries.
  1. Does St Columba’s College employ first-year teachers?
    St Columba’s College encourages first-year teachers to apply for all advertised positions. Graduates work with a mentor during their first year at the College and are supported by experienced teachers to complete an accreditation process and gain registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.
  1. Where is St Columba’s College located?
    St Columba’s College is located 8 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD at 2 Leslie Road, Essendon. The school is well serviced by public transport.
  1. Does St Columba’s College employ casual relief teachers?
    St Columba’s College employs casual relief teachers throughout the school year. Enquiries about becoming a casual relief teacher at St Columba’s College should be directed to the College by calling 9337 5311.

Current Opportunities

Opportunities will be listed here as they arise