Learning Support

Learning Diversity

Students at St Columba’s College come from a wide variety of educational environments and learning experiences. Students may also present with additional needs and it is through the Learning Diversity Team (LDT) that these students are supported and guided in their educational journey.

The LDT consists of qualified Special Needs Teachers and Learning Support Officers. Each member of the team is committed to promoting collaborative partnerships, liaising with subject teachers, parents and individual students.

The LDT is dedicated to developing the skills and talents of each individual student where the focus of support is on student participation, inclusion and success in all aspects of school life.

In particular, the LDT works with individual students with disabilities, impairments or learning difficulties within the classroom and across a range of learning areas in order to maximise participation within the mainstream curriculum, promote inclusion, support achievement and monitor progress.

Tutoring Group

St Columba’s College offers a small group tutoring service for students in years 7 -10, held after school each week. All students are welcome to attend, regularly or as required, to obtain assistance with assignments, test revision or general skill development.