The Timeless Dance

Created by Michael Galovic, commissioned by Ms April Honeyman, College Principal (2005-2016).

This triptych, a work of art that is divided into three sections, was commissioned for the 120 year celebrations in 2017 to honour women from the past, present and future, especially those marginalised and unsung.

The left and right panels show “the dynamic images of the Cosmos, where energy is fluid and moves around in circular motions, with no beginning and no end, being neither overly bright and joyful, nor too dark and gloomy”. The red thread makes an appearance across all three panels, reminding us of the strength and energy that comes through connection.

The middle panel vibrantly shows “the dancers in wonderful unity and togetherness in a celebratory dance”. This panel depicts women from the time of Miriam and the Israelite women, Mary and the women from Jesus’ time, Mary Aikenhead and the many women on whose pathways we at St Columba’s now walk, and the women of the future who will continue the ‘timeless dance’.

As women across time, each of us different, we are united by the faith that inspires us, and by our power as beings who are transformative beyond our deepest imaginations – if we but trust in the talents that God has gifted us – as has been the case over millennia.

‘The Timeless Dance’ is located at Front Reception.

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