February 27, 2024

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Notices from the Deputy Principal

Cape York Immersions

Low Effort, High Pay-Off Parenting

Project Compassion

NEUROSPICY TIPS AND TRICKS: #2 Speed Reading and Revising


Year 7 2026

Important Dates

Principal's Message

Our Lenten Journey

The mass readings during Lent are full of imagery. This past Sunday, transformation featured as a theme. Extending this to our own lives, especially during Lent, we are challenged to think about those small actions that transform our relationship with God, and with the people with whom we share our lives. We are encouraged to consider the what will make a difference to the way we live our lives as authentically human as possible, in the model Jesus provides for us.

I subscribe to some daily reflections during Lent – this one was particularly meaningful to me, gave me pause in my day to reflect about my impact, on the people around me and on the planet, as I go about my daily living.

“Discipleship, the service of faith, and just being a decent human being in the world does not require perfection of character – but instead the recognition of impact.

How refreshing is it to know that we can be in relationship with a God that offers unending forgiveness. A God that “rejoices” when we recognize our own harmful and unhelpful ways and elect to bring about a change.  And if we recognize those harmful and unhelpful ways and choose not to change, even in the presence of that unending forgiveness, well then that choice is fully ours.”

College Uniform

Thank you for the support we have received from families in following through with our uniform expectations. Congratulations to all of the students who have met our high standards and are consciously adhering to the stated expectations.

Parenting Resources

A reminder about the Justin Coulson webinar on Tuesday 27 February (please note that the webinar begins at 8.00pm). The College has registered the community for this event, and we encourage you to attend. You can register using the link we have sent via SEQTA Engage. Justin will also be presenting at the College in person on 30 May. The promotion of positive approaches to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our young people is our shared responsibility with parents, and we look forward to learning with you through these opportunities.


God who walks with us, be our guide this Lent. We turn to you with hearts open to the teachings of your Son, Jesus. Like him, may we be vessels of your love and instruments of your peace.

As we embark on this Lenten journey, help us to embrace the charism of the Sisters of Charity, who, inspired by the love of Christ, have dedicated their lives to serving the poor. In the spirit of their fourth vow, “Service to the poor,” may our fasting be a reminder of the hunger that exists in the world, propelling us to take action and share our blessings with those in need.

In our moments of praying, may we draw strength from the deep well of faith that Mary Aikenhead and the Sisters of Charity exemplify. May our prayers be not only words spoken but a genuine connection with you, O God, fostering a commitment to justice and compassion.

Guide us in our giving, that it may reflect the selfless generosity demonstrated by the Sisters of Charity throughout history. As we extend our hands to support the work of Caritas Australia, may we remember our sisters and brothers around the world who are in need. Let our giving be a tangible expression of solidarity, walking shoulder to shoulder with those who face adversity until all can live life in fullness.

We lift up this prayer in the name of Christ, seeking his guidance, inspiration, and love throughout this Lenten season. 


Notices from the Deputy Principal


Last year, the Student Engagement Team helped to develop a Uniform Affirmation system for the many students who consistently adhere to the uniform and grooming requirements and wear their uniform with pride. This year these students will be acknowledged by staff and given a ticket to fill in. If their name is drawn out in that week, they will receive a $10 voucher for the Hungry Souls Hub (our Canteen) and will have the privilege of heading to the front of the queue. We congratulate the students who have already been affirmed this term.


We have used second-chance paper at the College to create these slips and a stamp for the content, rather than photocopying as part of our vision and mission to be better stewards of creation and our world.


On Monday the 19th of February, the newly elected House Representatives and the Student Executive spent a day on developing our skills and knowledge as student leaders.

We began with some friendly competition, playing games which required us to work together, and learn about how to play to each other’s strengths, whilst laughing and making new friends from all year levels. All of these games had an important learning intention, that as leaders we must go above and beyond, go the extra mile to support others, no matter the situation.

We also had the opportunity to develop ideas around the idea of Compassion, our focus value for this year, and ways we can help our House Partners.

The most exciting part about the day was collaborating with leaders from different year levels and different Houses.

Towards the end of the day, after having learned more about our peers’ strengths and qualities, we elected 2 students at each year level to become a part of the Student Engagement Team (SET). Being involved in the SET, led by our Deputy Principal, Ms McDonald, is an amazing opportunity which allows the voices of the students to be amplified and heard. The SET is an important committee which is integral to our decision-making processes at the College. This team facilitates changes for the benefit of our community, something that myself and the team are very proud to be a part of.

Jemma Moschini – Year 11 House Rep

The students involved in the 2024 SET:



7Chelsea AntonioCTRJ2
7Bridie RogersCNMJ1
8Sapphira Rahman AaphaCHLJ3
8Sara PasanenCNMJ3
9Tahlia CheelWMSJ1
9Amelia BakerDLYJ2
10Chloe CapeciOBNS3
10Alyssa GuardabascioDLYS3
11Mary SaadWMSS2
11Jemma MoschiniBRNS3
12Meg CarmichaelCTRS2
12Meghan PriceWMSS2


Members of the SET

PARENT EDUCATION PROGRAM: Breaking Point: Unpacking the crisis in youth mental health – Dr Justin Coulson

A reminder that this online Event for Australian Schools with Dr Justin Coulson is being held tonight. Parents who have registered will have been sent a viewing link for tonight.


We are incredibly fortunate because we will be hosting Dr Justin Coulson at St. Columba’s College on Thursday 30 May – be sure to save this date so that you can meet Justin in person.


Every parent in our community is a member of the PEC and we welcome your involvement. Here are the PEC meeting dates and events planned for 2024:               

  • Friday 22 March                               Year 7 Meet & Greet (Use link to RSVP)
  • 23 April
  • 14 May
  • Tuesday 21 May                               Male Mentor Night
  • 16 July
  • Saturday 31 August                         Trivia Night
  • 20 August
  • 17 September
  • 15 October
  • Friday 15 November                        Yr 7 Parents’ Welcome
  • 19 November

We are excited to meet our Yr 7 parents at the Meet & Greet on 22 March.

If you have any questions or feedback for the PEC, please contact us at

Cape York Immersions

Last year we launched the 2024 Cape York Immersion program and we’re excited that a group of students are already signed up and looking forward to an amazing outback experience in September this year. We have good news! Some more places have opened up, allowing us to take more students and we’d love to offer this opportunity to you again. We’re also opening this up to Year 11 students who may have missed out on their opportunity two years ago. 

Red Earth (the providers of the experience) will be presenting in Gayip biik this coming Friday 1st March at 1:30pm. Students in Year 9, 10 and 11 can bring their lunch and see the awesome experience in greater detail. There will be some prizes and giveaways on the day also.

Parents can request the detailed program information by clicking this form and it will be sent out to you promptly. 

Be sure not to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Project Compassion


NEUROSPICY TIPS AND TRICKS: #2 Speed Reading and Revising

Want to Increase Your Reading Speed?

Use a timer and Set a Goal

Purpose: Monitor and increase your reading rate.

  • Frequency and consistently practise (at least 4 per week), timing yourself to read for 2 minutes. Keep a score of how many words you read each time
  • Set yourself a goal of how many pages you aim to read per day or week. Make it realistic… then reward yourself!

Track words

Purpose: Reduces re-reading words (this slows you down). Supports focusing and understanding of a text.

  • Use a finger, ruler,a piece of paper, a pen- keep your fingers moving along the lines, don’t go back and don’t stop

Reread the same text 3 times

Purpose: This strategy helps when you want to increase comprehension and reading rate. It will increase your recall of key ideas and exposure of key phrases/ examples and vocabulary.

  • Your speed and fluency of reading will increase each time you read
  • Give yourself at least 30 minutes between reading the passage again. It is best if you have a day between reads

Want to Improve Your Revision Skills?

Read with Purpose

Purpose: What is it that you want to learn from this passage? What is it that you need to know? Have a clear goal of why you are reading. 

  • Write down your question at the start of your noting taking eg. What happens to the character in chapter 2? Why are atoms important?

Skim and Scan

Purpose: Skimming a text gives you the general gist and overview of the material. Scanning the text, helps to rapidly locate specific facts, dates, quotes, key words, figures etc. 

  • Scan titles
  • Skim the first few lines and the last few lines of a paragraph
  • Scan for keywords
  • Diagrams, graphs, images
  • Use a colour post it note/ and same highlighter to record key facts and quotes (eg. pink). Record it in your notes.

Listen and Read Simultaneously 

Purpose: This helps students focus on listening and learning the content, rather than concentrating most of their cognitive efforts on decoding and reading accurately.

  • Use audiobook versions of texts
  • Cut and paste text in natural reader 
  • Speech to text on your Mac ( In a document, select the text you want to hear, then choose Edit > Speech > Start Speaking. Stop the speaking: Choose Edit > Speech > Stop Speaking)
  • Speech to text on Windows 10 (Press the Windows logo key + Ctrl + Enter together to start Narrator. Press these keys again to stop Narrator)

Note taking

Purpose: Record your findings and record what you have learnt. It helps with retention of new learnings and you can refer to it when revising. 

  • Highlight the main idea on each page (eg. yellow)
  • Summarise the main in one or two dot points. Keep the same colour post notes/ highlighters for main ideas. It is important to write in your own words and keep it simple
  • Draw an image of what you remember- what does it look like/ sound/  smell like/ make you feel? Taste (use your 5 senses) 
  • Make connections: how can it relate with you? How can it relate with something else in the text? How does this relate with the world?
  • Write down a question
  • Write down three words that are unfamiliar- record their meanings 

Example of note taking template that you can customise: Cornell Note Taking Method


An allergy is when the immune system reacts to something in the environment which is usually harmless, for example food, pollens, dust mites. Allergic reactions can be mild, moderate or severe.  Anaphylaxis is life threatening.
Some of the symptoms of Anaphylaxis are difficulty breathing, rash, throat swelling, throat closing over, tongue swelling, lip swelling, difficulty talking. Anybody can have an anaphylactic reaction at any time.
We as a College try to prevent an anaphylactic reaction from happening, we do this by discouraging food sharing, raising awareness about Anaphylaxis, informing staff and students about Anaphylaxis and the severity of it, and what to do if someone is having an anaphylactic reaction.
The treatment of Anaphylaxis is administering an EpiPen and calling an ambulance and keeping the individual comfortable.
If you have any questions about Anaphylaxis please ask the College Nurse as I will be happy to answer any questions.

Year 7 2026


Our Term 2 & 3 College tours for Year 7 2026 are now open.

Book your place here.

Application for Enrolment

Applications for Enrolment for Year 7 2026 are now open, click here to apply.

Key Enrolment Dates

The following key dates relate to entry into Year 7 2026:

  • Applications for Enrolment close – Friday 16 August 2024
  • Offers of Enrolment will be emailed out on – Friday 18 October 2024
  • Offers of Enrolment to be accepted/declined by – Friday 8 November 2024

Important Dates

Thursday 29 February – Biomechanics Incursion and Lunar Outpost Presentation

Friday 1 March – Fiontar Excursions and 9.1 Urban Experience Concludes

Monday 4 March – Year 7 Reflection Day

Tuesday 5 March – Multi-Sports Day

Wednesday 6 March – CGSAV Swimming Comp and Naplan practice

Friday 8 March – International Women’s Day