November 5, 2021

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Principal's Message


Notices from the Deputy Principal

Year 9 And 10 Indigenous Immersion

Introducing our College Nurse

Fiontar Incursion - Indigenous Melbourne

Year 7 2023 Enrolment

Principal's Message

Weathering the Storm

Thank you for your understanding last Friday as we called a home learning day to manage the damage to some of our buildings due to the storm.  The safety of students and staff was our priority as we organised for trades people to help us inspect buildings and secure materials that had become loose in the extreme wind.

The experience of remote learning has shown us that we do have the capacity to continue learning offsite when we have to and I am grateful to staff and students for their adaptability once again.

The School Springs to Life Once Again

The hallways and school grounds are once again filled with the voices of students, joined together in chatter and laughter.  Students I have spoken to over the last few days have expressed their joy at returning to full-time, onsite learning, delighting in the company of their friends and enjoying the focus that comes with being in classes again.

It was a pleasure to share lunch with the Year 12 VCAL students, their teachers and support staff last Thursday as they celebrated the end of their classes.  There were many achievements to acknowledge, as well as the recognition of relationships and friendships that made their journey over the last two years memorable and fun.

Year 12 VCE students have approached the preparation for their exams diligently.  Despite the turbulent two years of learning, they are keen to be defined by their achievements and not by the circumstances that have coloured their final two years of schooling.

We look forward to our drive-in event to celebrate the graduation of our 2021 Year 12 students.

Pope Francis’ Prayer Intention for the Month of November

Pope Francis has released his prayer intention for the month of November, inviting people to pray for those who are over-burdened, burnt out, exhausted and depressed.

This clip features our Pope offering solidarity with those experiencing mental, emotional, affective and physical exhaustion, and asking us to be present with our whole selves for those who might need our comfort and solace.


On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day in the eleventh month of the year 1918, an armistice was signed, ending the “war to end all wars” – World War I. November 11 has therefore been set aside as Armistice Day, a day to pray for those who have died serving their country.

Prayer of Remembrance

Let us pray for all who suffer as a result of conflict, and ask that God may give us peace:

For the service men and women who have died in the violence of war, each one remembered by and known to God; May God give peace, God give peace For those who love them in death as in life, offering the distress of our grief and the sadness of our loss; May God give peace.

For all members of the armed forces who are in danger this day, remembering family, friends and all who pray for their safe return; May God give peace, God give peace For civilian women, children and men whose lives are disfigured by war or terror, calling to mind in penitence the anger and hatreds of humanity; May God give peace.

For peace-makers and peace-keepers, who seek to keep this world secure and free; May God give peace, God give peace. For all who bear the burden and privilege of leadership, political, military and religious; asking for gifts of wisdom and resolve in the search for reconciliation and peace. May God give peace.

O God of truth and justice, we hold before you those whose memory we cherish, and those whose names we will never know. Help us to lift our eyes above the torment of this broken world, and grant us the grace to pray for those who wish us harm. As we honour the past, may we put our faith in your future; for you are the source of life and hope, now and for ever.


Notices from the Deputy Principal

We are very happy to present the 2022 Student Executive team to our community. At the Year 12 Farewell Assembly, our current Student Executive handed over the responsibility of leadership of the students to the new Student Executive.

The new team worked with the Head of Students, Nakkita Egan and I on Friday 22 October where the students participated in some initial leadership training. We began with some Faith Formation of our new leaders to explore the idea of servant leadership and the use of Mary Aikenhead and the Sisters of Charity as inspiration for us in our work in leading the College community.

Following this, members of yLead joined us online to facilitate a series of team-based activities that build strong relationships and a positive group dynamic. The team explored the fundamentals of leadership and how they can be used to maximise their experiences in 2022.

Additional leadership training is planned for later this term and early next year.

Peer Support Leaders

The following students have been successful in their application to take on the role of Peer Support Leader and were involved in a Peer Support Leader Training Day on Wednesday 3 November. Congratulations to the following girls:

Blazer Piping

As you may be aware, all students progressing to Year 11 at St Columba’s College have the opportunity (not compulsory) to have piping sewn onto their Blazer lapels. Our uniform supplier, Noone, offers this service.

Due to COVID, a number of processes have changed for Noone, including the collection of blazers and the payment for this service. Further details will be sent via a letter to families and via email to Year 10 students.

Year 9 And 10 Indigenous Immersion

14 September – 23 September 2022

Parent Information Night

DATE: Thursday 11th November

TIME: 7:30pm – 8:30pm

VENUE: Online

Immersion Purpose at St Columba’s College

Immersion experiences are structured trips to domestic and international locations offered to students as an opportunity to participate in an expression of faith. Students are exposed to issues of poverty and injustice while experiencing unique cultures and environments. Students engage in direct service activities, participate in experiential learning, and make educational site visits – while living in the communities that they are serving. St Columba’s Immersion Program is grounded in our values: Love, compassion, justice and hope. These experiences are the lived expression of the Gospel honouring our call as a Catholic school to stand in solidarity with others and promote a preferential option for the poor. 

These encounters aim to foster a socially engaged spirituality within our students. The intention being to encourage experience, contemplation and action in promoting service through justice.

Access more information regarding the St Columba’s College Indigenous Immersion Program here.

We are travelling with Red Earth whose work you can view here. 

Introducing our College Nurse

I would like to introduce myself, I am Rachel Potter, the new College Nurse here at St Columba’s. For the last 8 years I have worked at the Footscray Emergency Department, while also working as a school-based Nurse one day a fortnight at a local school. I am looking forward to working with the students in the first aid room and getting to know the College community during the remainder of term four, ready for a wonderful 2022.

Fiontar Incursion - Indigenous Melbourne

Student Reflection 1:

Recently, the Year 8 students had an incursion presented by an Indigenous musician named Scott Darlow. Scott Darlow is a huge advocate and spokesperson for Indigenous culture, history and rights. His music expresses his passion about issues within the Indigenous community and their history with strong beliefs and conviction. In this incursion we learnt about how Indigenous people have to overcome many obstacles, this is where Scott told us about his father. His father battled alcohol abuse, drug abuse and depression for a long time, which eventually caused his death. Dying of these issues, unfortunately, is very common amongst Indigenous men. Scott has found his passion and has found a way to convey these feelings. Scott  taught us about how we can find our passion by asking ourselves two questions. What are your gifts? And what are you passionate about?

Scott also taught us and inspired us to think about FLUTE. Scott’s philosophy in life is to live by ‘FLUTE’. FLUTE stands for forgiveness, love, understanding, tolerance and empathy. Scott has lived through many tough times. Through his own experiences he has realised that if everyone shows 10% more FLUTE in their life, they can become a happier and a better person, and being a better person reflects on your relationships with other people and affects how you are perceived. 

This incursion not only taught us about issues facing the Indigenous community, but also, it helped us reflect on how we want to be perceived and how we can positively impact others. 

Daisy Lawrie and Sophie Conroy – Year 8 

Student Reflection 2:

The Year 8 students got to meet the incredible, funny and engaging Scott Darlow who is a Yorta Yorta Singer and Songwriter. He talked about the importance of educating yourself about racism, and he challenged us to demonstrate FLUTE (Forgiveness, Love, Understanding, Tolerance and Empathy) and showing random acts of kindness. 

Something I learned from the incursion was to recognise our true gifts and show the world how to live your dreams and don’t let anyone hold you back. 

Thank you Scott for opening our eyes to always show kindness towards everyone. 

Isabell Moschini – Year 8

Year 7 2023 Enrolment

Application for enrolment for Year 7 2023 has now closed. If you have a daughter in Grade 5 and have not submitted an application form, please download the enrolment application form and contact me immediately on 9331 9128 or

Exiting Students 2021– IMPORTANT REMINDER

Notification of students intending to leave St Columba’s College at the conclusion of the 2021 school year would be greatly appreciated as planning for 2022 is underway.

The notification process is for a formal letter or email of notification to be sent to the Principal, Ms Rita Grima at advising of your daughter’s exit from the College. Please note in accordance with the College’s Fee Policy, you are required to provide a term’s notice if your daughter is leaving the College.

Thank you in advance for your attention to these matters.