On Monday the 19th of February, the newly elected House Representatives and the Student Executive spent a day on developing our skills and knowledge as student leaders.

We began with some friendly competition, playing games which required us to work together, and learn about how to play to each other’s strengths, whilst laughing and making new friends from all year levels. All of these games had an important learning intention, that as leaders we must go above and beyond, go the extra mile to support others, no matter the situation.

We also had the opportunity to develop ideas around the idea of Compassion, our focus value for this year, and ways we can help our House Partners.

The most exciting part about the day was collaborating with leaders from different year levels and different Houses.

Towards the end of the day, after having learned more about our peers’ strengths and qualities, we elected 2 students at each year level to become a part of the Student Engagement Team (SET). Being involved in the SET, led by our Deputy Principal, Ms McDonald, is an amazing opportunity which allows the voices of the students to be amplified and heard. The SET is an important committee which is integral to our decision-making processes at the College. This team facilitates changes for the benefit of our community, something that myself and the team are very proud to be a part of.

Jemma – Year 11 House Rep