Since September, our Year 11 students have been examining messages of sacred texts (the Bible and Qur’an) around interpretations of women. We have come to understand that for the times they were written, the messages for women of the time were liberating and revolutionary.

As a final social justice activity for women of the world, this class dedicated their final lesson of Texts in Society to providing safer, more hygienic conditions where none exist for women and girls.

Ms Narelle Fewster, our Student Leadership coordinator, approached us with the proposition of packing Birthing Kits. These are provided by Zonta and distributed worldwide. Each kit holds a plastic sheet, a scalpel, string, gauze, gloves and soap to minimise dangerous infection.

Thank you girls. Yet another thing we’ll never again take for granted in this year of strange times when disadvantage has been exacerbated.

God bless all women in the important work of child bearing.