Mary Aikenhead “Just because it has not been done before does not mean it can not be done now”…

COVID 19 was not going to stop us from participating in the PBL week, let alone entering the CEM DIGITAL STEM MAD SHOWCASE 2020.


The STEM MAD Showcase is designed to acknowledge and promote STEM learning initiatives that address real-world problems and demonstrate how students in Catholic schools take action that matters. Student teams are invited to design a product, service or innovation to Make A Difference (MAD) to others or the environment.


During Term 3 remote learning, Year 10 students worked in job clusters and in collaboration with industry to undertake various design briefs using the design thinking process. During these tough times the girls had to adapt to online learning as well as immerse themselves in various innovative and creative projects. The work produced during PBL week was exceptional and a testament to the dedication and commitment of our students, teachers and industry partners.


It is wonderful to see students developing skill sets and mindsets to thrive. Approximately 75 percent of all future jobs will require STEM! The College is committed to helping students develop future focused skills so that students are inspired to become innovators and solve the big challenges that face our world today


A big round of applause to the winners and runners up who showcased an impressive array of projects!


Click here for the 2020 Finalist videos




NGV Artful ingenuity

The use of STEM in creative & artistic ways AWARD

FIDGET FUN CASE: Alex Arrowsmith, Emma Grogan, Emma Malkoun, Cassie Spiteri



Best Engineered Product AWARD

ANIMOTIONS: Sophie Leighton, Sarina Valastro, Matilda Wellington, Zoey King


CEM AWARD for Wellbeing

MOTIVATION CHAIR : Claudia Velardo, Corrie Sawicki – Bennett, Julianne Cabanayan, Julia Williams




Royal Botanic Gardens ‘Inspired by nature’ award 

PENGUIN ENRICHMENT:  Riannon Pondeljak, Isabella Bourke, Julia Cicilia, Meikah Mercieca, Cailtin Horton-Crundall


Zoo’s Victoria Conservation Award

PENGUIN ENRICHMENT: Riannon Pondeljak, Isabella Bourke, Julia Cicilia, Meikah Mercieca, Cailtin Horton-Crundall


AKORN Best Engineered Product AWARD

REAL DIGITAL INNOVATIVE APP: Nickola La Bruna, Scarlett Wilms, Lucy  Trimboli, Sophia Skinner