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120 Years - Community Open Day


Years 10-12 Immunisations
Musical - Closing Night
Musical Performance
Musical Performance
Musical Performance
Musical Performance
Musical Opening night
Musical matinee performance
Musical matinee performance
Parents & Friends 120 Year Dinner Dance
Student Free Day
Athletics Carnival backup day
Year 7 Immunisations - 3rd visit
Year 7 Immunisations - 2nd visit
Vietnam Parent Information Night
Year 10 Reflection Day
Kick Arts ticket release
Kick Arts auditions
Kick Arts performance night
Year 7 2018 MYAT Testing
PIN - Vietnam Trip
Reports sent out
Office Closed 12pm onwards, will reopen on Wednesday December 14
College Closes
Term 4 Ends
LHD Christmas Concert
Year 10 Exams conclude
Year 7 2018 Orientation Day
Parents Association AGM
Year 10 Exams commence
120th Anniversary Open Day
Year 9 Camp (22/11 - 24/11)
Year 11 Exams conclude
College Tour
Melbourne Cup public holiday
Student Free Day
Year 7 Activity Day 4
Year 11 Exams commence
All Souls Day
VCAA Exams commence
College Tour
Year 12 VCAL farewell celebration
Year 12 Graduation Eucharist & Dinner
Year 12 College Farewell Assembly
Year 12 VCE Classes finish
College Tour
Year 9 Camp PIN
Term 4 Begins
Unit 3/4 Trial Exams conclude
Unit 3/4 Trial Exams commence
End of Term 3
Year 7 - 10 Progress Interviews
Students finish at 1.15pm
Year 12 2017 Parents & Students Info Night
120th Anniversary Concert
Year 11 Father/Daughter Eucharist
O'Brien House Feast Day & Celebration
Charity Run
de Lacy House Feast Day
de Lacy House Feast Day Celebration
College Tour
Mid-term break (Office closed, Student Free Day)
Year 10 2018 PIN
Feast of the Assumption
College Tour
Student Free Day
Year 11 & 12 Progress interviews
College Tour
Cunningham House Feast Day & Celebration
Year 7 Activity Day 3
Year 11 2018 PIN
Cater House Feast Day
Cater House Feast Day Celebration
Parents Langauge Promotional dinner
College Tour
Term 3 begins
St Columba's Day
Year 10 Exams conclude
Year 10 Exams commence
College Tour
General Achievement Test
Year 11 Exams conclude
Queen's Birthday public holiday
Feast of St Columba
Year 10 PIN - Careerwise Feedback
College Tour
Year 11 Exams commence
College Tour
Year 7 Activity Day 2
Male mentor/Daughter Activity Night (Yr7-9)
Student Free Day
College Tour
Year 12 Mother/Daughter High Tea
Cahill House Feast Day & Celebration
Year 12 Mother/Daughter Eucharist
NAPLAN testing (9/5 - 11/5)
Year 8 Reflection Day
College Tour
College Tours (9am, 10.30am)
Athletics Carnival - students dismissed at 2.30
Anzac Day public holiday
Bruton Feast Day Celebration
Bruton House Feast Day
Year 7 Reflection Day
College Tour
Term 2 begins
France Trip return
Term Break (1/4 - 17/4)
Student Free Day
Progress Interviews
End of Term 1 (Students) - Students finish at 1.15pm
Progress Interviews
Students finish at 1.15pm
College Tour
France Trip departs
Year 12 Residential (20/3-21/3)
Parents Association Year 7 Parent Cocktail Evening
Twilight Tours (6pm & 7.30pm)
College Tour
International Women's Day
Williams House Feast Day & Celebration
Year 7 Languages PIN
VCAL Camp (6/3 - 7/3)
Swimming Carnival
Year 7 immunisations
120th Anniversary Mass
Shrove Tuesday
College Tour
Year 12 Retreat
Year 7 Activity Day 1
Year 12 PIN - Success Integrated
College photos
All students commence
Year 7 and Year 12 students start
Australia Day
College reopens
Office closes
LHD Christmas concert
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