College Tours

Year 9 Camp

Parent Access Module


Father/Male Mentor Games Night
Second Hand Book & Uniform Sale
College Closes
Teaching Staff Finish
Advent Mass
Year 7 - 11 Students Finish
2019 Awards Assembly
Christmas Concert
Year 8 - 12 2020 Transition Week Commences
Year 8 - 12 2020 Orientation
Year 7 2020 Orientation Day
Student Free Day
Junior Performing Arts Concert
Year 9 - 11 Exams Conclude
VCAA Exams Conclude
Parents' Association Meeting
Year 9 Exams Commence
Philippines Immersion Return
Year 10 Exams Commence
Year 11 Exams Commence
VCAL 2020 Transition Commences
Year 9 Future Directions Seminar Day
Instrumental Music Concert
Year 9 Future Directions Seminar Day
Melbourne Cup - Public Holiday
Student Free Day
Philippines Immersion Depart
VCAL Celebration
Year 11 VCE Recital
VCAA Exams Commence
Year 7 Languages Activity Day
Annual Art Exhibition - Opening
Parents' Association Meeting
Year 12 Eucharist & Graduation
Year 12 Farewell Assembly
2020 Student Executive Commissioning Assembly
Term 4 Begins
Year 12 VCE Recital
Grand Final - Public Holiday
VCE Trial Exams Conclude
VCE Trial Exams Commence
Term 3 Ends
Spring Music Concert
Cabaret Matinee
Charity Run
Year 7 - 10 Progress Interviews
Students Finish at 1.15PM
SCSA Netball
Parents' Association Meeting
Parents' Association Social Night
Year 7 Vaccinations
Year 12 2019 PIN - 7.30PM
Year 10 PBL Week Commences
O'Brien House Feast Day & Celebration
SCSA Junior Basketball
Year 10 Reflection Day
de Lacy House Feast Day
de Lacy House Feast Day Celebration
Parents' Association Meeting
Year 7 2020 PIN - 7.30PM
Shin-Ai Visit Concludes
Student Free Day
College Musical - Closing Night
City 2 Surf (9/8-11/8)
College Musical
College Assembly - Student Executive Elections
College Musical
College Musical Matinee
College Musical
College Musical
Shin-Ai Visit Commences
College Musical - Opening Night
Student Free Day
Year 11 & 12 Progress Interviews
SCSA Volleyball
Cunningham House Feast Day Celebration
Cunningham House Feast Day
Year 9 Reflection Day
Cater House Feast Day Celebration
SCSA Football
Year 9 Future Directions Seminar Day
Cater House Feast Day
Shin-Ai Visit PIN - 7.30PM
Year 11 2020 PIN - 7.30PM
Year 10 2020 PIN - 7.30PM
Senior Pathways Expo
Year 12 Retreat (15/7-17/7)
Term 3 Begins
Term 2 Ends
St Columba's Day
Instrumental Music Concert
SCSA Hockey
Year 12 Ministry Retreat (20/6-21/6)
Parents' Association Meeting
SCSA Cross-Country
Year 9 Mock Interviews (17/6-19/6)
Year 9 Future Directions Seminar Day
Student Free Day
Year 10 Exams Conclude
Year 9 Exams Conclude
GAT Exam
Year 11 Exams Conclude
Year 9 Exams Commence
Queen's Birthday - Public Holiday
Feast of Saint Columba
Year 10 Exams Commence
Year 10 Careerwise Feedback PIN - 7.30pm
Year 11 Exams Commence
VCE Recital
College Assembly
SCSA Basketball
Combined Music Concert
Student Free Day
Male Mentor/Daughter Night
Year 7 & 9 NAPLAN Testing (14/5-17/5)
Cahill Feast Day & Celebration
Bahay Tuluyan Annual Bike Ride
Year 10 Vaccinations
Year 9 Camp (6/5-8/5)
Generations in Jazz Festival (3/5-5/5)
Kairos Retreat (3/5 -5/5)
Year 10 Careerwise Testing
College Assembly
Year 8 Reflection Day
Year 7 - 12 Progress Interviews
Students finish at 1.10PM
ANZAC Day - Public Holiday
Year 7 - 12 Progress Interviews
Students finish at 1.15PM
Parents' Association Meeting
Bruton House Feast Day
Easter Monday - Public Holiday
Good Friday - Public Holiday
Year 9 Camp PIN - 7.30PM
Rowing (Henley on the Maribyrnong)
Italy Study Tour PIN - 7.30PM
Rowing (School Regatta) - 15/3 - 17/3
Mazzotti Visit Ends
Moomba Birdman Rally
SCSA Tennis
Mazzotti Visit Commences
Rowing (Junior State Championships)
Italy Host Family PIN - 7.30pm
Nunan Cup (Intermediate/Seniors)
Nunan Cup (Juniors)
Year 7 Languages PIN 7.30PM
Term 2 Begins
Italy Study Tour Returns
Student Free Day
Term 1 Ends
Athletics Carnival
Italy Study Tour Departs
Year 7 Camp (27/3-29/3)
VCAL Camp (25/3-26/3)
Parents' Association Meeting
Year 7 Parent Cocktail Evening
Year 11 Reflection Day
Labour Day Public Holiday
Williams House Feast Day
Year 7 Vaccinations
Ash Wednesday
Year 7 Reflection Day
Swimming Carnival
Year 7 Camp PIN
Opening College Eucharist
High Achievers Assembly
Parents' Association Meeting
Cunningham House Welcome (7.30PM)
de Lacy House Welcome (6.30PM)
Williams House Welcome (6.30PM)
Bruton House Welcome (7.30PM)
O'Brien House Welcome (6.30PM)
Cahill House Welcome (7.30PM)
Cater House Welcome (6.30PM)
College Photo Day
Term 1 Begins
Year 8 - 12 New Students Orientation
Year 7 & 12 Students Return
Australia Day Holiday (College Closed)
College Opens
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