At St Columba’s College, all students are encouraged to show leadership by accepting responsibility for their own work and behaviour and for creating a safe, pleasant, caring and productive environment for all.

Our student Leadership structure provides opportunities for students to exercise more specific Leadership roles within the College. Students are offered an effective Leadership program which endeavours to develop their full understanding of servant Leadership.

There are four major objectives for Student Leadership within the College:

  • Advocacy – the representation of students and the College 
  • Service – the organisation of events and ministry 
  • Fundraising – Each House is responsible for supporting their particular Charity. The Social Justice Group and students in the College also support charities throughout the year. 
  • Personal Development – the development of individual Leadership skills in negotiation, liaison and organisation. 


The Student Leaders are a representative group of students chosen from the total student population annually and is led by the two College Captains, seven House Captains and four Specialist Captains who make up the 13 members of the Student Executive Team.

There are 42 House Representatives who represent each of the 42 House Groups in the College. There are six House Groups for each of the seven Houses, so each House Captain has in effect six Deputies. Three students are from Year 10-12 and the other three are from Year 7-9.

The 2018 Student Executive

College Co-Captains: Ruby Sulzberger and Minnie Williams

House Captains
Bruton - Isabella Modica 
Cahill - Stephanie Pavlovic 
Cater - Alannah Leone 
Cunningham - Anna Pelea 
de Lacy - Amelia Mihocic 
O'Brien - Spencer Biffin 
Williams - Keeley Egan 

Specialist Captains
Arts - Chelsea Mathews 
Environment - Clare Wilson 
Liturgy - Gemma Socco
Social Justice - Lulu Andrighetti & Isabella Anderson 
Sports - Lily Hughes