The St Columba’s College curriculum provides opportunities for our students to take risks with their learning, and to develop confidence in their ability to work both collaboratively and independently. We challenge and teach them to be problem solvers, to think creatively, to be hopeful about their future and to develop meaningful relationships with each other and their teachers.

We have created contemporary learning spaces that enable seamless use of technology in learning and teaching. St Columba’s considers technology as a valuable resource which can be used to engage our students in their learning. It also enhances inquiry and creativity in learners and connectivity with the wider world.

Our curriculum allows them to pursue studies in learning areas of their choice, and take on and excel in a variety of leadership roles. It empowers them to become the women they know they can be ... and have dreams to be!


All our students will undertake studies that incorporate all of these domains.

  • Religious Education 
  • The Arts – Performing & Visual
  • English
  • The Humanities
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Languages
  • Mathematics 
  • Science
  • Pathways

YEAR 7 & 8

Our curriculum for Years 7 and 8 is innovative, engaging and enjoyable. Students undertake a variety of subjects across all domains and experience different ways of learning. The major aims of the Learning Program at these year levels are to build breadth and depth and to encourage innovation, imagination and creativity.

Our emphasis on contemporary learning is exemplified in 2 of our special programs My Story and Fiontar. The Year 7 My Story program is based on the theme of Identity. Every student creates a digital story about their self and their family. The skills they learn in this semester-long program can be applied in other areas of their learning. Year 8 students participate in a program called Fiontar (the Irish word for ‘adventure’) which is based on the UNESCO model of the pillars of sustainability. Students learn about personal, urban, community and natural sustainability. Amongst other things, Fiontar promotes a learning culture that challenges students’ prior beliefs.

YEAR 9 & 10

The learning programs at Years 9 & 10 continue to build on the essential skills and dispositions across all domains and introduces some opportunities to explore their talents, abilities and areas of interest. Our Future Directions and Exploring Pathways programs in Years 9 and 10 give students’ opportunities to connect with their community and experience learning in a variety of contexts and environments. Students acquire the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their future.

The course in Year 10 is structured in such a way that it provides choices within each of the core domains as well as an opportunity to begin exploring specialised areas. For example, students are offered a variety of options as part of their English program. They can study maths appropriate to their skill level and interests. As part of the transition to the senior level, students complete a VCE unit in Religious Education.

To read more about the Year 9 and Year 10 curriculum, please see the subject handbooks below. 

YEAR 11 & 12

At these two year levels, St Columba’s is committed to providing students with flexible and tailored pathways as is evident in the variety of courses offered. Most of our students in their final years of secondary school choose to complete the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). The College offers a broad range of VCE subjects for students to undertake which are made up of semester-length units. Students can include a VET (Vocational Education and Training) Course as part of their VCE program. The College also offers the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning as an alternative pathway which is individually tailored to meet specific learning styles and vocational interests.

To read more about the curriculum offered for our Year 11 and 12 students, please see the Senior Pathways handbook below. 

Senior Pathways Handbook 2020-2021