St. Columba's College is a Catholic school in the tradition of the Sisters of Charity that seeks to educate and empower young women.
Our mission for the students of St Columba’s is that they be faithful and strong, women of compassion and confidence, committed to transforming the Church and renewing the world.
As a learning community, we see learning as the central activity of both individuals and the school as a whole. We are committed to lifelong learning, to excellence and innovation, and so, we seek continuous improvement in all aspects of our work.
In our work with students, we challenge them to achieve personal excellence using strategies that reflect contemporary good practice for the 21st Century.
We are keen to recruit staff of a high calibre who are passionate about the education of young women, who share a commitment to the College mission, who are enthusiastic learners, risk-takers, and are able to contribute positively and generously to the life and ethos of the College.

Please visit our current opportunities page to see employment openings at the College. For all expressions of interest, please email [email protected]