Celebrating 125 Years


In 2022 we celebrate 125 years of St Columba’s College.

Founded in 1897 by Mother Ursula Bruton and the Sisters of Charity, St Columba’s still sits at its original site and boasts the mansion that was once the schoolhouse and lodgings for the Sisters. Learn more of the heritage of St Columba’s College and the Sisters of Charity, here.

In this, the 125th year of our existence as a College, formed through the charism of Mary Aikenhead and the Sisters of Charity, we reflect on what it means to ‘go to the margins’. We are a community that is dedicated to following in the footsteps of the Sisters and bringing the vision and mission of Mary Aikenhead Ministries to life, to celebrating our work, and to breathing new life into our mission, moving out of our own world and into the worlds of others.

Throughout 2022, our students will experience ‘going to the margins’ through a variety of activities which will connect their learning, within a range of subjects, to community action and support.

We will also celebrate the incredible achievement of 125 years of education, through wonderful events each term. We want to share these celebrations with all of those that have been touched by St Columba’s College.

We invite alumnae members to update their contact details here, to ensure the receipt of the most up to date event information.

If you would like to offer practical assistance for any of our events, please contact Ms Brigitte McDonald, Deputy Principal.