Students at St Columba’s College must wear the proper uniform on their way to and from the College, and during school times. Please see below for the current College uniform regulations. Students who are in breach of any of the uniform expectations and are not able to or are unwilling to correct the breach, will not be able to attend normal classes and College events. 

The St Columba’s College uniform (excluding shoes) can be purchased at Noone Imagewear


The St Columba’s College canteen is located outside of the Slater building and is open from 8am. Please see the 2017 price list below. 

Canteen Price List 2017 Canteen Price List 2017 (57 KB)


The St Columba’s College timetable consists of four 75 minute lessons.

Monday, Wednesday - Friday

Starting bell  8:35am 
 Homegroup  8:40-8:50am
 Lesson 1  8:55 - 10:10am
 Recess 10:10 - 10:35am 
 Lesson 2  10:40-11:55am 
 Lesson 3  12pm - 1:15pm
 Lunch  1:15 - 2pm
 Lesson 4   2:10-3.25pm
Starting bell  8:35am 
 Homegroup  8:40-8:48am
 Lesson 1  8:50 - 10.05am
 Recess 10.05 - 10:28am 
 Lesson 2  10:30-11:45am 
 Lesson 3  11:50 - 1:05pm
 Lunch  1:05 - 1:45pm
 Lesson 4   1:50-3.05pm
House timetable
Starting bell  8:35am 
 Homegroup  8:40-9:15am
 Lesson 1  9:20 - 10:30am
 Recess 10:30 - 10:50am 
 Lesson 2  10:55-12:05am 
 Lesson 3  12:10 - 1:20pm
 Lunch  1:20 - 2:10pm
 Lesson 4   2:15-3.25pm