At the start of 2015, the College moved to a BYO model for Years 9 to 12. Year 7 and Year 8 are well provisioned with digital technology in the recently refurbished Slater building so it is optional but not essential for them to have their own personal digital device. If students have a personal device they wish to use for personal management and learning they are most welcome to do so.

Minimum device requirements

• Wireless network connection 802.11n
• Camera (capture photo and video)
• Microphone (capture audio)
• Web browser
• Ability to make notes either in free form or typed

St Columba's College provides students with access to Google Apps for education and Office 365 A2 with Student Advantage. 

St Columba’s College has a 'digitally responsible' rather than 'technology controlling' paradigm so the devices will not be centrally managed in any way. With assistance and direction from staff, it is expected students learn to use the device, applications, and services responsibly and appropriately (refer to the 'Network Guidelines' of the Student Diary for further details). When connected to the school’s wireless network students will be subject to the same browsing restrictions as all other web enabled devices on campus.

Students are also expected to take responsibility for the care of all digital devices (both school and student owned). The College will not accept liability for loss or damage to these devices. The student who has custody of the device is ultimately responsible for its use. This includes messages sent, media captured and websites visited.