St Columba’s College is a vibrant learning community where all young women are encouraged to approach their education with a sense of joy and vigour. They are imbued with the belief that opportunities should not just be taken but seized.

We acknowledge that learning occurs beyond the traditional classroom environment and can happen across many environments and time frames. Our co-curricular program provides the opportunity for this type of learning to occur and is an integral part of the St Columba’s culture. This program provides a range of events and activities that support this type of learning.

The co-curricular program seeks to develop the whole person and foster the development of confident, resilient individuals.

Participation in these activities involves quality interactions between students and teachers; students across year levels and other schools, as well as opportunities to develop worthwhile relationships beyond the academic field. It is through participation in these activities that students learn and value important life skills such as perseverance, commitment, and self-discipline.

We have multiple co-curricular areas that our students can participate in, in order to connect, motivate, create and inspire. 


Confidence, social skills, communication, and cooperation form the learning focus of the ‘Create’ program. Through art, drama, music and dance, students learn discipline, techniques, and skills for exploring, creating and discussing their work. Some of the create co-curricular programs include: 
  • Cabaret 
  • Choir (Senior, Junior and Chamber) 
  • The Musical 
  • Band (i.e. Jazz) 
  • Backstage crew 


Regular physical activity is essential for the development of a well- rounded individual. The ‘Motivate’ program focuses on participation, and we encourage all students to be involved in sport at both the inter-house and the inter-school level. Our sports program provides opportunities for girls to develop and foster sports skills and healthy attitudes. Some of the sport co-curricular programs include:
  • Swimming
  • Netball
  • Football
  • 150 Charity Run
  • Cross-country & City 2 Surf
  • Athletics


Connecting to the wider community is an integral part of the learning experience for all students. Through the ‘Connect’ program, students have opportunities to be involved in extra activities outside of school, which allow them to experience cultural and environmental diversity, both locally and abroad. Such programs include: 
  • The Just Act social justice group
  • Indigenous perspectives


Communication is the key component of the ‘Inspire’ program, where students can foster their talents in public speaking and inquiry- based competitions while developing confidence and critical thinking strategies to negotiate a complex world. These programs include: 
  • Book Club
  • Gaming Club
  • Debate team


Service to others provides the foundation of a Catholic school. Students are given opportunities within the 'empower' program to serve in leadership roles and minister to others in areas of justice, education and outreach. These programs include: 
  • Student Executive and Student Representative positions (i.e. House Captains, Sport Captains) 
  • Soup Van volunteering 
  • Tutoring programs