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7th February 2017

In order to ensure consistency with photos across the College, we would like to ensure the students are wearing the correct uniform as outlined on page 11 of the 2017 College diary.

Any student who is non-compliant with the uniform policy will be asked to rectify their uniform. Students who are unable to meet uniform expectations will not be permitted to have their photo taken.

Students will be expected to wear the following:
  • Summer dress (knee length)
  • Knee length white socks. Please ensure girls pull their socks up for House Group photos.
  • Hair is to be in a neat and tidy style off the face. 
  • A single pair of plain studs or sleepers.
  • Students are permitted to have one plain nose stud (covered by a band-aid provided by the student NOT the College), however, it is recommended that you ask the student to remove the piercing if possible.

What will not be permitted
  • Make-up
  • Necklaces
  • Nose rings
  • Large or decorative earrings e.g bling
  • Facial jewellery e.g. eyebrow piercing, lip piercings or studs
  • Tongue rings
  • Uncovered nose studs
  • Ear plugs, gauges, bars or any other item not listed as permitted
  • Extreme hair styles

Students are not required to wear the College Blazer, Jumper or Vest for photos.
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